Magnetic Companion Pendant for CharmCast

Magnetic Companion Pendant for CharmCast

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This magnetic pendant allows the CharmCast metal charms to be swapped in and out to use as a necklace or keychain. (Note: Chain in picture not included, however a jump ring has been attached to make it lay flat with a proper necklace or to use on a keyring.)

The base has a raised lip to keep the charms from sliding off, and a strong magnet to keep them flush with the inside frame. 

The finish is identical to that of the CharmCast charms, antiqued tin plating on an iron core. Very strong magnet keeps the charms from coming out.. A small drill hole has been added to this 2nd generation magnetic pendant to allow easy removal of the charms with a toothpick. 

Health Warning: If you have a medical condition that prohibits you wearing a magnet (especially on your chest--like a pacemaker), it's strongly suggested you avoid this pendant or use it only as a keychain. Health first!

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